NICCO Timber Doors & Windows

Redesigning a website for success and ease of use

NICCO Timber Doors & Windows

Redesigning a website for success and ease of use

NICCO Timber Doors & Windows

Project overview

The mission

Create a beautiful and user-friendly website that showcases NICCO's stunning range of products and services, whilst being easy to update and maintain without requiring complicated and expensive additional providers and redirects.

The Impact

With a refreshingly minimalist style and light, airy aesthetic, we created a website that allowed room for the NICCO range to speak for itself. Using Webflow's user friendly CMS we ensured that this website was easy to maintain and would continue to serve it's purpose for many years to come!

The outcome

The final product highlighted the beauty and authenticity of NICCO's products and the character of their brand, allowing the user to easily navigate and engage with the site. By simplifying the updating process, our client finished with a site that no longer felt confusing and overwhelming, that the team could proudly show their clientele and use as a tool to help their business continue as an industry leader.

NICCO Timber Doors & Windows Website Homepage 3d Mockup

The gap

Owning a website shouldn't feel complicated!

Owning a website shouldn't feel complicated! NICCO found the upkeep and maintenance of their website overwhelming and expensive, and updating their website a complex task that involved bouncing between various providers to make small changes. The backend of their website was confusing and expensive, paying for services that they weren't even sure of their purpose! They were tired of not being able to easily update their website, and wanted a fresh new site to reflect their changing brand.

The Goal

Elegant, Simple & Functional

We set out to simplify NICCO's website experience, creating a sleek, modern website that authentically represented their ethos as a business, and showcasing their unique products and services. We needed to create a site that was functional and not cluttered, displaying their diverse library of products and previous work, but also easy to use. It was vital that the backend of the site was simple to navigate and easy to update, and all in one place.

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The Gamble

A big challenge.

One of the greatest challenges we faced in creating this website was finding a way to house the huge collection of blogs, products and projects. To tackle this, we created a series of individual custom CMS collection pages. This provided our client with a simple, manageable way to upload their existing catalogue, and continue to add new items. With custom filtering systems in place, they will be able to continually add to this, whilst maintaining styling and ease of navigation.

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The gain

Set apart as an industry leader

With a focus on sleek, modern minimalism, we created a custom responsive website with a focus on usability.

We restyled the website to better highlight NICCO's brand, focusing on minimalist lines and lighter colours that gave a much needed refocus.

Utilising Webflow's user friendly backend editor and content management system, we could ensure that updates could be made easily and and new content could be added as needed.

We created custom CMS pages to tackle NICCO's huge catalogue of products, guides and projects, allowing them to showcase all the things that make them a industry leader in Timber Doors & Windows.

We providing training sessions and a library of video tutorials to ensure that NICCO's team could feel empowered to make changes and use the website to it's full potential.

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Scope of Work


Website Audit


Ideal Customer
Digital Strategy
CMS Collections Strategy
Competitor Research


Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Web Development
Custom CMS pages
Quality assurance
Mobile Optimisation


Back-end Development
Front-end Development
Web Development
Custom CMS pages
Quality assurance
Mobile Optimisation


Website Launch
Google Console
Google Anaylitcs
SEO Optimisation
Site Indexed
Video Onboarding
301 Redirects

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