The Forge Type Co

Branding a business to speak to their ideal customer.
The Mission

Our goal here was to design a visual identity system that aligned with The Forge Type Co’s brand and vision, a representation of durability, care and craftsmanship. This identity needed to speak directly to their target market, capturing the eye of designers who would benefit from their products.

The Outcome

I designed the The Forge Type Co branding from the ground up, a minimalist yet clear logo that is a testament to the brand’s ethos. The image of an anvil captures the hardy, artisanal feel of the brand, while subtly concealing a monogram of the brand name. Adding to this, the colour choices and typefaces echo ideas of fire and steel. The logo is highly responsive and versatile, and can be applied across all of their media and products.

The Impact

Since branding, The Forge Type Co. has been met with positive reactions and an increased following, and has become much more recognisable. This new look has given them greater confidence as they expand their digital platform, and helped give a face to their new brand.

The Forge Type Co
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