Steindale Serif Font

Typeface Design

Vintage-Style branding made easy!
Have you ever dreamt of capturing the perfect vintage style for a design, but struggled to find the right products to make it feel authentic? This package is for you! Featuring our new font ‘Steindale’ plus BONUS easy to edit logo templates and custom illustrations.

With a vintage brewery style, inspired by traditional alcohol packaging with a touch of ‘Old School Cool’, Steindale is the perfect choice for your vintage-inspired designs and branding! Hardy and rugged with a subtle serif, Steindale is versatile and easy to use for any design. This package also includes bonus illustrations and logo templates, which can be easily paired and re-arranged for all your branding, merchandise and logo designs.

Here’s what you are going to get:

- Steindale font family (Normal, Rough, Outline, Texture)
- 9 Easy to edit Logo templates
- 9 Custom Illustrations

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