12 Benefits of a website for a tradie business

October 19, 2021

Benefits of a website

Our world is online, and you really need to be there to keep up! On average people spend 145 minutes per day online and 63% of people check online before making a purchase. Creating an online footprint for your business, and having a great website will work wonders for your business and bring so many benefits for you. Here's a quick look at some of those benefits!

New eyes on your service.

Let your website do the selling for you! The internet is full of people searching for things and the services that you offer. In fact, it is now the norm for people to search for a business or service online!

If you don't have a website, you are missing out on capturing a whole spectrum of clientele who search online. A great website that shows up in searches will help direct new eyes towards your business, and bring additional clients your way who are searching for the services you offer.

Stand out locally.

By optimising your website, you can start building an online presence. Strategically focusing on local SEO will help you to show up in local Google searches and get known in the area! People do work with people they know, like and trust. This works hand in hand with the other local outreach you do, by increasing your touchpoints with those in your community. If they've seen your company ute around the neighbourhood, and then see your name come up when they search for a local carpenter, plumber, or construction company, this is a great way to reinforce your name as a local business to trust.

Build credibility.

A great way to continue building credibility for your business is through a solid website. How often have you Googled something before you made a purchase? With society moving online, especially in the wake of COVID, it’s as important as ever to be able to build credibility in an online space.

By displaying your work, testimonials and being transparent about your resources, team and materials online, you can establish yourself as a reputable business and make sure your clients want to work with you.

Consider two options. When you're searching for quotes for a tradie, you search for a few local businesses online. One business you found on a roadside sign, but when you search you find nothing but a 10 year old article and a pin on Google maps. The other shows up at the top of Google, with an elegant website that showcases their beautiful work and smiling team, and real reviews from their previous customers about their wonderful staff and workmanship. Which company are you going to choose to work with?

Showing up higher in SEO rankings for searches in your industry will build even more credibility for your business! If you are showing up in the top 3 searches for ‘construction company in your suburb,’ who does the person automatically assume is the best? It's the person near the top! (Check out this article for more about SEO)

Put FAQ in one place.

You can set up the website to do the work for you! Unlike your business phone that needs to be staffed 9-5 for people to call and make enquiries, a website can automate this process and leave your office staff to their other tasks. By having all of your FAQ's and important information easily accessible and clearly displayed on your website, you can give them the answers they need instantly! This way, when they are ready to have a serious conversation about booking a project, they already know the basics of how you work and can contact you either by phone or DIRECTLY THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE to secure the job.

Analytics of users, measure people and find stats.

You can understand your audience better via capturing statistics on your website. This can give you a clearer picture of your target market and how to present yourself to appeal directly to them. You might find there are people from a different age group you haven't thought about reaching out to who are consistently viewing your site and really interested in your services. You can use this information to improve your messaging, and also utilise these analytics in online advertising including on Social Media!

Shape your online presence.

Having an online presence is as important as a physical presence these days. Make sure you are crafting your online presence to match it! By showcasing all the amazing jobs you have completed and presenting all the happy clients you have, you can ensure you are putting your best foot forward in a virtual sense! Highlight your best work, and use the honest reviews of your previous customers via testimonials. Great quality photography that shows your work, and an easy to navigate website will help paint your business as accessible and high quality, and in turn bring in clients who want the same!

Advertise for new hires.

A website is a great way to attract new hires to your company, by showcasing your amazing work culture. When you are ready, being able to advertise positions directly onto your website and find staff to hire instead of having to use a middle man service like a job board streamlines the process and ensures that the right people are applying for the jobs!

Expand your reach and unlock new work opportunities.

As great as referrals and physical adverting is, it's great to have a digital streams of advertisement as well. Having a website set up will help expand your reach for potential clients. Digital advertising can bring people directly to your website and vastly increase your exposure. Listing your website on your physical advertising gives people an easy point of reference to find out more about your business until they are ready to contact you.

Have a backup plan.

If the uncertainty of the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that it is important to be able to have a functioning website that keeps customers up to date with your latest news and can continue generating leads for future work even if you can't be out and about in person. Easily display updates, as well as reassuring customers of any new safety measures and changes to put their mind at ease.

Professional email.

What looks better 'joshbuilder1991@gmail.com' or admin@buildtech.com.au. Clearly the second one!

Building a website and securing your domain gives you the added benefited of being able to use that domain to make business email addresses. This makes you look much more professional and can help you get taken more seriously by clients!

Keep up with the competition.

More than likely your competition has a website. How many sales are you missing out on when someone searches for 'air conditioning Sydney'? If you don't have a website, how are you even going to get considered next to other businesses that appear in searches and are easy to find? Don’t get left behind, instead stand out and look better than the rest.

Use it as a sales tool.

Instead of wasting time repeating yourself listing all the services or products you offer, display all of these details on your website! This gives you an easy 'one-stop-shop' to direct your clients to and answer all of their questions. This can make a huge difference in streamlining your processes, and clients will be grateful for your transparency.


Having a website in this day and age is a no-brainier with so many great benefits for your business! It might be an investment to start, but a great website with a solid strategy behind it will pay you back over and over again, streamlining your processes, displaying your work, saving you time and securing new clients!

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