4 Ways to increase traffic to your tradie website

July 15, 2021


So you have a website BUT you aren’t getting any leads. Nobody is emailing you through your contact forms, and your phone hasn’t rung in weeks with new clients. You have a website, but truth to be told it’s not working for you! It could be a number of different issues but breaking it down simply - you either are not getting enough traffic to your website OR your traffic is not converting. This article will cover some solutions to help you start generating more traffic to your website, and we’ll discuss how to make sure that traffic is converting into leads in a future article.

Websites should be generating leads for you and working for your business. This post will be looking at ways to ORGANICALLY increase traffic to your website. There is a lot to say about ads and paid services, but we’ll talk about that another time!


Studies have proven that most search engine users will only click on the first few pages that appear in a search. To get the majority of traffic, you need to be up there competing for those top rankings!

Having a website doesn't automatically put you at number 1, and there is a constant flow of new websites popping up all the time. What will make yours stand above any others? You need to put time and effort into building your website into a well oiled sales machine, by focusing on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO takes time, but is so worth it! A great SEO strategy will get your website to a point where valuable, qualified leads are finding your website and your services. By investing some time and effort into an SEO campaign, you know the right people will be able to find your website.

If you start your SEO game now, you can rest assured that in 6 months time you will have consistent, organic, high quality traffic coming to your website looking for a service exactly like yours.

To begin with, you need to find the keywords most relevant to your service, monitor and track their performance and competitors, and then implement these into relevant pages throughout your site. Ensure that you have fixed site errors, and that your site is fast. Check your title tags, meta description H1-H6 are set up to highlight your target keywords.


Does your website have a content strategy? Are you producing new content regularly? Is there a reason people should be coming to your website?

Having a static website is great, but having one with current, dynamic content that people are dying to read is so much better! If you can ensure your website is regularly updated and publishing valuable content for your potential visitors, you can help boost traffic to your website. As a bonus, Google rewards websites that are updated regularly and so will help boost your SEO in return!

One of the best ways to do this is by answering customer questions. You are the expert in your industry, and so you know the questions people have and the issues they are faced with. I’m sure every Plumber can think of a million reasons that someone might have a leaky tap! If people are Googling these questions, make sure your page is the one with the answers!

This helps to position you as a source to be trusted, and puts you at the front and centre for potential hot leads in need of your services. Plus, if the solution to their problem is not a simple DIY, they are already on your site to contact you for help!

The easiest way to do this is through Blogging. By releasing new targeted content regularly, you can increase the amount of entry points to your site through Google searches, and in doing so greatly increase traffic to your website!


Another valuable tool for increasing traffic is backlinking. This is when your website is linked to from another site. This works in two ways - Google values the authority that is shown when other sites cross reference yours, and so will boost your SEO accordingly. This also gives more entry points to your website through these links on other sites, thereby increasing the traffic to your site.

A good place to start for backlinks is directories. Check if there are any local directories for your area that list local businesses and reach out to get yourself added to these lists. You can also look for industry specific directories, like a ‘tradies in your area’ or ‘local electricians’ list. Be aware that most places charge for this service.

You might also like to look at collaborating with related pages or other businesses, by offering to write a guest blog post, answering FAQ’s, participating in podcasts or creating content for them. Most of the time this works on a Quid Pro Quo basis, so you will offer them the same or a comparable service or link on your website in exchange.


As a service based business, it’s vital that you place heavy importance on local SEO. Most of your potential clients that want to find your service online are going to use search engines to search terms like ‘Carpenter near me’ or ‘pest-control Sydney’, so it’s important that you show up in these services.

Claiming your free Google My Business (GMB) listing will make a big difference to this, so make sure the listing is accurate and optimised to help people find you. You can read more about Google My Business and how to boost your local SEO HERE.


Spending the time to work on each of these things is sure to help you see an increase in website traffic! Remember though that increasing visitors to your website takes time and effort, but with patience and an intentional, targeted strategy, you are sure to see results over time.

If this process seems overwhelming to you, or you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, reach out to see how we can help create a unique, targeted SEO service for your business to help you increase your website traffic and turn visitors into customers HERE!

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