Is printed material still useful for businesses? In 2021

February 23, 2021

In an increasingly digital world, it might seem that there's no longer any use for printed business material and advertising. Surely it all just ends up in the bin!? Isn't there more value in investing in online marketing and digital alternatives?

Whilst a strong digital presence is vital for any business trying to stay ahead in 2021, when done well, physical materials can have a lasting and powerful effect on consumers. A great business card can leave a lasting impression, and there is still a huge advantage to having your materials directly in potential clients hands.


As social media algorithms become increasingly complex and the world of online marketing continues to change, it can become harder to stay on top of what is required and continue to capture your audience. When distributing physical printed material such as flyers and brochures, you give your brand some 'staying power.' When your client holds your material in their hands, a well-designed, eye-catching flyer can capture their attention long enough for you to leave a lasting impression. Particularly for local businesses, physical advertising such as flyers and brochures help remind your clients that you are nearby and accessible.

Online, you are contending with algorithms that put you in direct competition with other brands, plus a generation of consumers that spend hours mindlessly scrolling their phones. This may mean that even if your advertising does appear for them, they may scroll straight past without giving it a chance to make an impression. While a well designed digital ad may be enough to capture their attention, an eye catching brochure that they can hold in their hand will definitely give them pause to read and see what you have to offer.


If you are going to invest in printed material, it's vital that you avoid it ending up in the dreaded 'junk pile' before you have a chance to connect with your clients. This means your printed material needs to be high quality and aesthetic, with something unique that draws attention at a glance. Badly designed, monotone advertising printed on A5 paper just isn't going to cut it anymore!


If your advertising is printed on high quality card, with clear, eye-catching colours and high quality images, you are much more likely to capture the eye of your consumer. Try to be a little bit clever - a unique fold, interesting shape or clever phrase can be the difference between your flyer standing out or ending up in the bin.

Perhaps your welding business can stand out with a metallic print business card to reflect the quality of your materials. Or a spanner shaped flyer to promote yourself as the local plumber to call! If you can make the experience enjoyable for your consumer, they are much more likely to remember your name!

If you can deliver a printed material that displays the quality of your work, you are much more likely to capture the attention of your client. When done well, this can be the difference between the junk pile, or getting the phone call from a new client!

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