What do you need to have on your Small business Website

April 2, 2020

What do you NEED to have on your website?

Whatever you want right?

  • Lots of big images
  • All of the COOL animations
  • Toones of information


Stats show that most users only stay on a website for 10-20 seconds!

That Means...

We need to capture them from the first glance with a clear concise picute of who you are and what you do

Let's build a blueprint

To build a blueprint you need to know your goals:

  • Clients booked
  • Products purchased
  • New email subscribers
  • Showcase your expertise

Image their journey

Image your ideal client, What would their ideal journey through your website look like?

E.g. (Logo Design)

Once you know your blueprint

You will know exactly what you need on your website and what can be trimmed away


Keep it clear and concise, with your ideal client in mind, Help direct your client exactly where you want them.

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